Category: Savings

    Jun 22

    5 things one should plan on personal finance.

    1. Life Insurance – Adequate life cover. Buy a term plan with adequate cover (10 times or 20 times of annual income). Insurance is not an investment product as the cost of traditional endowment plans and money-back plans is high and returns are lower than fixed deposit interest. ULIPs have higher cost than equity mutual […]
    Jun 8

    Are your Investments Tax Efficient?

    How to invest tax-efficiently¬† Create a strategy to help manage, defer, and reduce taxes Tax Smart Investment strategies you should consider While tax rules and rates may change over time, the value of keeping taxes in mind when making investment decisions does not. The reason? Taxes can reduce your investment returns from year-to-year, potentially jeopardizing […]
    May 30

    Before you tread the path….

    Is there really a difference between saving and InvestingSaving Vs Investing Most of us think that Saving and Investing are the same thing. While the terms are often used interchangeably by many, they are as different as chalk and cheese. The difference between your monthly income and your expenses is what constitutes your “savings”. But […]
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